Does My Business Need Social Media Marketing?

So you have a beautiful new website. Now what? How will you get people to your site? A website doesn’t promote itself – it’s up to you to decide on a strategy. Does my business need social media marketing?

What do you mean, use Facebook? Isn’t that for personal use? Well, yes, but if people are using it for personal use, doesn’t that present a wonderful forum for you to advertise your business? So very many people are on Facebook every day. Don’t you want your business seen every day?

Using social media sites such as Facebook, Linked-In, GooglePlus and Twitter and posting on a continual basis will give your business a boost and spread the word about your products. Postings should be done regularly, at least twice a week. Pinterest is a really fun website which your business should have a presence on. Yelp is a site which is extremely popular, especially with the younger generations, so shouldn’t you have a presence there?

Social media sites that rarely contain postings look neglected. Don’t have the time? Are you intimidated by these sites? We can help!

We can set up these sites for your business.
Facebook is a MUST for businesses and requires a personal and business site, both of which we can post on.
LinkedIn is a business site which enables people who have an interest in what you do to find you.
GooglePlus is an up-and-coming posting site, but the most important thing about it is it is owned by Google, and Google is King!
Twitter is optional, but many businesses choose to have a presence on Twitter
• If your business has many products and services, you may choose to have a Pinterest account. Pinterest is a visual site and, again, people who like your products can follow you.
Constant Contact offers several services for businesses: Newsletters, Event Notices, the ability to post Specials, and more. We can help you with these services.

We can set up and post for you in all of these sites regularly, on a schedule according to your needs and budget.

Do you have a lot you want to say about your business or products? We can also post blogs for you or even write them, if you choose.

Call us today and let’s get started! 337-412-0505 or

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