Miscellaneous Blogs

In my business as a Website Builder and Social Media Manager, I write blogs for various types of businesses. Having been a manager of a bed and breakfast for 7 years, as well as the wedding and events coordinator, I have a great deal of experience writing blogs for bed and breakfasts. If this topic interests you, click here:  Bed and Breakfast Blogs.

As mentioned, since I was a wedding coordinator for a bed and breakfast, I handled weddings, large and small; receptions of all kinds; baby and bridal showers; birthday, engagement and other parties, and various other events. From time to time I would like to share some of that knowledge in the form of a blog. If this topic interests you, click here: Wedding and Event Blogs

Social Media and Internet Marketing and topics I study daily and take many webinars on to keep up with the latest things happening on the internet. This is one of the reasons that my websites are search engine optimized. Many people can build a website for you, but do they optimize it to help market it to your industry?  I do that in all my websites, regardless of the industry.  Therefore, some of my blogs will deal with internet-related subjects. If that topic interests you, click here: Social Media and Internet Marketing Blogs.

Sometimes, I just want to write a blog about what “I want to write about”.  To see what those blogs might be, click here: Things that I Want to Write About.

Check back – you never know what you might read!


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