Reasons to Stay in A Bed and Breakfast

When you plan a vacation, once you decide where you want to go, the next thing you probably decide is where you want to stay. You probably search online for the best hotel you can afford in the area. But does staying at a bed and breakfast even pop into your mind? Probably not. Yet there are many reasons to stay in a bed and breakfast. In fact, vacationing in a bed and breakfast can be the most memorable part of your trip – in a good way if you do your research.

Bed-PObviously, bed and breakfasts are not for everyone. If you’re traveling with a carload of kids, you probably should stay in a hotel where there is room for them to run and guests on either side of you, or below you, who may not have the expectation that the hotel will be quiet and relaxing – maybe they have a carload of kids, too. But if you want a vacation which is truly a get-away from the noise and hustle & bustle of everyday life, a bed and breakfast stay may be just what you need. Your stay can be intimate, relaxing, and just plain fun.

Since half the name is “breakfast”, you will find that getting up to a nice breakfast is one of the best parts of your stay. Sometimes you will eat with other guests; sometimes you will eat alone. But you can be sure that there will be Eggs-Ppleasant conversation, with other guests or with the innkeeper. Best of all, you won’t have to suffer through a “cookie-cutter” hotel breakfast with foods that taste like cardboard. Many bed and breakfasts offer a full, hot breakfast. This is often an innkeeper’s dream – to serve their guests foods which they love to prepare. Oftentimes, you will fondly remember the breakfast long after you leave – you may even request and receive the recipe. Some of the breakfasts are so good and elegantly served, you will wonder if there is a chef in the kitchen. On the other hand, some bed and breakfasts, because of local laws, can only serve a continental breakfast, but even then, the menu items will be hand-picked just for you – sometimes from a local bakery. There’s always good coffee, tea, juices, too.

So now that this bed and breakfast idea has been presented to you , check out some B&Bs in an area where you may want to vacation. Or stay-cation in your own town and choose a quiet B&B to get away (and don’t tell anyone you’re there).

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