Shakin’ in My Boots

Shaking’ in My Boots


Today was the day I picked up my new camper. I have never driven a motorhome before and from the moment my eyes popped open, I began shaking. I test-drove it today and did fine. The salesman didn’t grab onto his seat and apply the fictitious brakes (at least that’s what he said). As long as I don’t think about how long it is, I’m good – 31’. Though I have a wonderful brother who will help me to learn to drive and handle it, in a couple of days I will take my solo flight – a 3-hour drive home. Bridges, road construction, narrow lanes, overpasses – I can do it – I WILL do it. I HAVE to do it.

Watch out world! Here I come! (And I really mean watch out.)

As Willie Nelson sang, I hope to see you soon when I’m “On the Road Again”.

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