Social Media Marketing

Now that your website is built, it is necessary to market (advertise) it. First, we train you how to manage your site (or we can take care of that for you). Next, we create social media sites for you where you (or we) can advertise your business, products and services, which link back to your website. 

We can train you to manage your website (change text, photos, etc.);
We can manage the site for you.
Cost: $35/hour.

Social Media
We can set up social media accounts for your business. For most businesses, we recommend the following sites:
Facebook (business attached to your personal page)
Yelp (optional)
Twitter (optional)
Pinterest (optional)

Postings: We can post to Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn and Twitter for your business (daily, weekly – whatever works for you).
Cost of postings: 1/2 hour/posting in all sites per day
Twitter or Pinterest posting: $5 extra per posting

Blogs: We can write blogs related to your business, products, your area such as festivals, attractions, etc.
Or, we can post blogs you write yourself, including photos.
Cost: $35/hour

Newsletters: We can set up and compose newsletters using Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. Or we can train you to handle this.
Cost: $35/hour

Trip Advisor: If your business could benefit from, we will set up a business account for you and, if you wish, respond to reviews or post your responses. Or we can train you on how to manage TripAdvisor.
Cost:  $35/hour

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