My Solo Flight – It’s the only way if I want to get home again…

My Solo Flight — It’s the Only Way if I Want to Get Home Again


Today I take my “solo flight” all the way back home – about 3-4 hours. I will pack up and unhook by myself and begin the trip home. Am I nervous – you have no idea!!!

Apparently, I forgot to book a non-stop flight. A stubborn bedroom door (which was supposed to be fixed when I picked up the camper) kept banging back and forth. Duck tape is not all it’s cracked up to be. It kept coming undone or splitting. But I finally put enough on there to get home with it staying open. So I can see out the back window. Where I can see absolutely nothing. Should have the rear-view camera on. Don’t know how to do that yet. Why didn’t I read the manual?

Then there was the complete surprise. I’m happily (well, not totally happy because I’m too tense to be totally happy) going down the highway, a see a strip of rubber come flying off the side of my camper, flapping all over the road and banging the window on the side. It took a while to find an exit and then I found myself on one of those exits that lead to nowhere. I finally pulled on the side of the road since there was no traffic and tied the rubber strip to my rearview mirror. Another item on my repair list. And then I made a U-turn – WHAT WAS I THINKING? You can’t make a U-turn in a camper!!! There’s a deep ditch there! But since there was no traffic, I was able to back up and complete my turn and be on my way. What next? Well, nothing next – I stopped and filled my tank for the first time (not too bad since it only needed a half tank) and went to my home.

I learned a valuable lesson when I backed into my driveway – NEVER BACK UP WITHOUT A SPOTTER. I knew I had a long motorhome, but surely my driveway could accommodate it! Not so. I backed my ladder into my carport – didn’t hurt the carport but severely bent the ladder. Now I have to replace it and of course insurance won’t cover that. Another expense. No use getting upset. But I did get upset because the air-conditioner finally proved to me what I knew since I picked up the camper – it was faulty. It froze up again and the camper was HOT HOT HOT! And yet I had to pack up my stuff from my house anyway before I went on to the RV park.

The rest of the day went okay. My friends who manage the park helped me back up successfully into my spot, making sure I didn’t back into the electric panel and run over the sewage drain. It finally cooled off as the evening went on. But I was a total wreck. Was this a bad idea? Did I make a mistake buying this camper? This is a lot for a single woman to deal with. Too late now. It can only get better. I hope.

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