Touch of Cajun

Featured Painting: “Southern Jewel”


SPECIAL PRICE: $25 unframed (regular price $39) – taxes and shipping extra

Limited edition in a series of 500 prints. Will fit into a 16″ x 20″ frame, or mat it for a larger frame. Signed and numbered by artist.

The Magnolia is one of the most favorite flowers in the South. It is native to eastern North America and Asia. Although there are over 100 species, the Great-Flowered Magnolia, native to the Southern States, is the most beautiful. The fragrant flowers can grow up to one foot in diameter. The leaves are dark glossy green and the underside of the leaves is coated with a tan suede-like covering. The magnolia tree also produces fruits which open when ripe, bearing bright red seeds hanging from fine threads. The Magnolia is the State Flower of Louisiana.


Touch of Cajun was established in 1993.  All artwork is done by the artist, Mae Dufour Mayeux.

The first products offered were original oil paintings, limited edition and open stock prints, as well as hand-painted and hand-decorated china, including porcelain china light switchplates.  The products were first marketed through art and craft shows in Louisiana, eventually spreading out to 7 southeastern states, also including Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia. Products were also marketed through her website and shipped around the world. Her paintings and prints have been sold all over the world — France, Belgium, Russia, Australia and Canada to name a few locations. Mae has travelled to exhibit and sell her work in Martinique in the Carribean; Cambrai, France; and Namur, Belgium.

The name, “Touch of Cajun” was chosen because most of the artwork is related in some way to Louisiana.  Mae has always lived in Louisiana, St. Charles Parish, the New Orleans area, the Alexandria area, the Lafayette area and Abbeville in Vermilion Parish, “The Most Cajun Place on Earth”.


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