Destrehan High School

Destrehan High School


Cost: $49

Limited Edition Print in a series of 2500. Will fit into a 12″ x 16″ frame, or mat it for a larger frame. Signed and numbered by artist.

Destrehan High School in Destrehan, Louisiana was erected on land deeded by the Mexican Petroleum Corporation. The first class was held on September 15, 1924. The principal was provided housing and served as a protector of the school property at all times. The first yearbook was printed in 1927 and called the “Refinery” because of the refinery which donated the land for the school. Up until 1948, Destrehan High School consisted of 11 grades. In 1949, 12th grade was added.
The mascot is a Wildcat. The school colors are Garnet and Gray and the school paper was named the “Echo”.
In July of 1977, the 54 year old Destrehan High School building was destroyed by fire. Arson was suspected. By the time it burned, the new Destrehan High School had been built in Ormond Plantation Subdivision in Destrehan.
Artist’s Note: “The painting of ‘Destrehan High School’ is very dear to me as I was a student there from 5th through 12th grade. Though the original Destrehan High School building is gone forever, the memories of the years it existed will remain in the hearts and minds of the students, faculty and staff. Regardless of our ages, our careers, or where our lives have taken us, DHS is the link which binds us together, for we all have a common bond in the love and pride we felt for our school. And in years to come, when there is no one left on this earth who remembers the old Destrehan High School building, I hope that future generations who view this print will, in some way, understand how special this building was to the people of St. Charles Parish.”

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