Bayou Reflections

Bayou Reflections


Cost: $25 (plus tax and shipping)

Print of an original oil painting. Open stock (not numbered and signed). Will fit into a 12″ x 16″ frame, or mat it for a larger frame.

Just before the sun breaks over the horizon, the beautiful colors of the sky are reflected in one of the quiet, slow-moving bayous of South Louisiana. At dawn, an egret forages for food around the water’s edge. Typically, the egret will quickly seize any moving prey and swallow it whole. Unfortunately for the egret in this scene, the alligator has the same idea for his breakfast.

Alligators eat fish, frogs, snakes, turtles and practically any other form of flesh which comes its way. An alligator can reach a maximum of 12-15 feet. Its eyes and nostrils are raised so it can see and breathe while it floats just below the water’s surface, a common position during feeding. When completely under water, the nostrils close, transparent eyelids protect the eyes, and a valve between the mouth and throat enables the alligator to open its mouth without swallowing water. Its chief means of defense are its sharp teeth and powerful tail, which can lash about like a whip.
As the day unfolds and nature comes alive, life along the bayou will continue to remain peaceful and serene.

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