The Gazebo in Magdalen Square

The Gazebo in Magdalen Square


Cost: $49

Limited edition in a series of 500 prints. Mat to fit into a 20″ x 24″ frame. Signed and numbered by artist.

The Gazebo in Magdalen Square, completed in October of 1994, is a charming addition to the beautiful town square located in Downtown Abbeville, Louisiana, between St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church and the Vermilion Parish Courthouse.

This gazebo is actually the second gazebo structure to be erected in Magdalen Square. In the early part of 1899, the Abbeville Silver Cornet Band obtained permission to erect a “fine band stand” in Magdalen Square. It was built in the form of a pagoda (a religious building of the Far East) and was two stories high. The band played upstairs while the ladies served refreshments downstairs to pay for the new band stand.

In addition to erecting the band stand, steps were taken in May of 1903 to beautify and improve Magdalen Square.
The present Gazebo contains a time capsule to be opened 50 years from the date of completion. (The artist donated print 500/500 which was placed inside this capsule.)

The Gazebo in Magdalen Square serves as a focal point for tourists and enhances the beautiful downtown area of Abbeville.

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